TNT Ghost Town

TNT Ghost Town


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Tours are self propelled and led by experienced Trailbosses... the trail boss is there for 3 reasons... Keep you on the trail, keep the ghost towns safe, and to save your ass if you do something dumb ... $$

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Old Arizona Territory Preservation Society project

TNT Ghost Town Tours gives large amounts of its proceeds and profits to this great organization.  Please give them some attention... they will be preserving these treasures for your grand kids...

 Old Arizona Territory Preservation Society 

Old Arizona Territory
Old Arizona Territory

Virtual Tours

Take an interactive walk back to 1549 when Arizona had its first immigrant... cruise stagecoach trails virtually while learning how the frontier changes over 600 years... find out where old Mexico was in 1848... all presented by Tommy Dee aka Tommy 2 Guns...

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Private Tours

The founders of TNT Ghost Town Tours are knowledgeable at safe trail riding of any and all offroad vehicles... if there is an area you want to ride or learn more about then the team at TNT can and will totally accommodate... worthwhile memories are made when a trip is safe, secure and simple... we do that and more for your custom old west experience...

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