TNT Ghost Town

TNT Ghost Town


The Mission

Brothers from other Mothers

Charlie McDee and Tommy Dee grew up together since they were knee high to short grasshoppers... Together they raised hell and survived life into their mid 40s... along the way they never lost the passion for 3 things... Outdoor life, Adventures offroad, and taking friends and family out of the rat race for a few days in the wild!!! These 2 guys along with a few other amazing offroaders and Adventurers have teamed up to give anyone able and willing a thrill like no other...

If you own your ride or have the means to rent one, the Trailbosses of TNT Ghost Town Tours will take you deep into the Old West of Mexico and Arizona Territory...

Tours and Trails

Offroad Tours

Tours are self propelled and led by experienced Trailbosses... the trail boss is there for 3 reasons... Keep you on the trail, keep the ghost towns safe, and to save your ass if you do something dumb ... $$

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