TNT Ghost Town

TNT Ghost Town



Ghost town camping

A guided ghost town tour with an experienced Trailboss is more than following a guy on a road... it's a seasoned and safe leader taking you deep into the desert... explaining the sites you'll see with verifiable evidence... and making sure you're desert adventure is a life experience you'll never duplicate...
Cow camp tour
Cow camp tour

4 person camping

Stay the night in an abandoned cow camp along with the 4 hour cow camp tour... these sites are over 100 years old and even pre-date the Civil War - $399/night


8 person Glamping

Stay in style by sleeping in this luxury style recreational vehicle stashed just outside of a historic ghost townin the muffle of the beautiful Arizona desert - includes 24 hour vehicle rental- $599/night

2 Day Cowboy experience

2 day/2 nights in an RV - 80 mile tour includes cow camps, 3 or 4 ghost towns, and finished off with a Cowboy style experience... Chuckwagon lunch, Campfire grilled dinner, and Bonner Hill Breakfast-

$425.00/person - up to 4 people

4 seater included

Fine Print


here's the deal...

Tours are suggested based on your level of experience and desired exhibits. Custom tours are available and your Trailboss is an independent contracrot/guide paid by your purchase of a custom experience. Gratuity is a must for better service. 

Release forms are completed on site, call us directly 602 888 9199 with any questions

$1000 hold on a credit card until rental is complete and no damage occurred during your possession of any equipment or vehicles

We follow CDC guidelines on Covid-19 

Wash your hands

Don't touch your face

Don't leave your house if you're not feeling well