TNT Ghost Town

TNT Ghost Town


Old West Express

From a 4-hour thrill ride to a 2-day full cowboy style excursion... we have a ride for everyone!! 

Some people like to go go GO... We do too.... then we stop and take it all in... OffRoad adventures and experiences reduce stress by increasing adrenaline!!!

Some people want nice and steady... take in the scenery as they travel... we can take you through 1200 miles of trails and roads in the REAL Old Mexico/Arizona Territory...

Knowledgeable guides can give a realistic Old West experience Circa 1850 cooking Dinner and Breakfast on a 2 day camping tour while disclosing rare historical facts about each stop and point of interest...

Tours and Trails

Offroad Tours- Ride Along

Tours are self guided but led by experienced Trailbosses... the trailboss is there for 3 reasons... Keep you on the trail, keep the ghost towns safe, and to save your ass if you do something dumb... tip them well

All Tours are 2 hour or 4 hour. 

2hr is $200/per person

4hr is $300/per person

RIGHT NOW!! Groupon partnership rate is $75/person for 2 hour tour... CALL FOR DETAILS

Custom tours are $200/hr/person-high end site setting and education about the area.

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