TNT Ghost Town

TNT Ghost Town


Off-Road Rental Vehicles

2 seater
2 seater


based on availability

You and your partner or family can be in control of the experience behind the wheel of these amazing offroad buggys... The wagon trails we ride are only wide enough for one of these horse-less wagons... 

Take in the beautiful scenery of the Arizona desert in high adventure fashion... All rentals come with a tour and a Trailboss for your entertainment and safety!!

4 seater
4 seater

Safety Gear included


2 Hour - 2 Seater Rental


4 Hour - 2 Seater Rental


4 Hour - 4 Seater Rental


Tours and Trails

Offroad Tours- Ride Along

Tours are self guided but led by experienced Trailbosses... the trailboss is there for 3 reasons... Keep you on the trail, keep the ghost towns safe, and to save your ass if you do something dumb... tip them well

All Tours are 2 hour or 4 hour. 

2hr is $200/per person

4hr is $300/per person

RIGHT NOW!! Groupon partnership rate is $75/person for 2 hour tour... CALL FOR DETAILS

Custom tours are $200/hr/person-high end site setting and education about the area.

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Ghost town camping

A guided ghost town tour with an experienced Trailboss is more than following a guy on a road... it's a seasoned and safe leader taking you deep into the desert... explaining the sites you'll see with verifiable evidence... and making sure you're desert adventure is a life experience you'll never duplicate...

Fine Print


here's the deal...

Tours are suggested based on your level of experience and desired exhibits. Custom tours are available and your Trailboss is an independent contracrot/guide paid by your purchase of a custom experience. Gratuity is a must for better service. 

Release forms are completed on site, call us directly 602 888 9199 with any questions

$1000 hold on a credit card until rental is complete and no damage occurred during your possession of any equipment or vehicles

We follow CDC guidelines on Covid-19 

Wash your hands

Don't touch your face

Don't leave your house if you're not feeling well