TNT Ghost Town

TNT Ghost Town


Ask Us

Do I need an Off-Road vehicle? 

No... you can either rent a vehicle from one of our partners or you can book a private tour and be chauffeured around in a 4 seater or 6 seater

Can we keep stuff we find?


Jail is an option for Thieves

What kind of history is out there

Abandoned for the last 100 years, some sites are only 100 or so years old... other sites 300, 600 and even 6000... we can even show you a volcano

Do we need permits? 

Some sections of the desert are owned by state and federal agencies... we will advise you now to buy a day pass or you will be charged extra to ride under ours

Book a Tour or a custom event

Tours are suggested based on your level of experience and desired exhibits. Custom tours are available and Trail Boss's are independent guides paid by your purchase if a custom experience. Gratuity is a must for better service. 

Fill out the forms below, or call us directly 602 888 9199 

We do partner with rental companies if you need a ride...

Please use the forms below for any complaints you may have... we will address them immediately... or call 602 888 9199